13 May 2019

“Rachelle does a great job as office manager leading the direction for Tony (co-owner) to come out and give estimates on our two roofs. One was shake shingle on its last legs and the other was an issue with the flashing around the chimney and water intrusion.

Repairs to our old shake shingle roof went quite well and extra materials were used to finish that job at no cost.

Repairs to our flashing that surrounds the chimney on another home was needed because of water intrusion into the attic. Repairs were also done to the ventilation pipes sealing them to the roof surface. No charge for repainting the pipes.

They even went out and matched the paint so the wood crown on the chimney would look great again.

I am glad that this was something we decided to do. Tony and his crew did a great job for a very necessary procedure for any home owner.

My compliments to Premium Roof Services.”