13 May 2019

“Met Tony again today to review the issues on my roof he noted after an inspections he did 3 months ago in our pre- home purchase phase. Have you ever felt like kissing a contractor on the forehead because you were so happy with how honest he/she was. You probably are answering “no”, like me until I met Tony. I’m not sure if he has a constant image of Mother Teresa on his mind, but he is simply the most pleasant, honest person that I have dealt with when it comes to home or anything repair. I find myself asking him if he will install my microwave, complete an interior room refab, repair my car… I simply want him for repairing everything that I’ve had a bad experience.

Tony exudes sincerity from the minute you begin talking to him. He gave me what I know is the fairest appraisal of my roof situation without playing fear tactics with me. It’s not pretty he said but we can do some contingency repairs until I can re-establish some financial security and purchase a new roof. He even said, “I’ll impress you with the repair so you have no doubts that I’m the right person to replace your roof when you are ready”.
If you need your roof inspected or repaired, please consider Tony of Premium Roof Services. Please treat him well because people of this character and honesty specializing in the field of home repair are hard to find, especially in San Diego, the land of too many scam artists. You won’t be disappointed by Tony’s recommendation and/or price compared to the rest. I had called 2 other very well recommended roofers and Tony surpassed them on every level. Thank you Tony!”